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Here's what some of our customers are saying...

"..A wonderful restoration of our E. Howard street clock."

-Rollo Gurss - (Past President of the Local Chapter of NAWCC)

"The project was completed in a timely manner and the Historical Society approved project completion. Mr. Seay takes great personal pride in his work and everyone that has the opportunity to view the restored clock is impressed with his workmanship."

-Rick Witte - (McPherson County)

"We are very satisfied with their work. If future work were required we would not hesitate to utilize the Regulator Time Company to do such work."

-Leon Hobson- (Director of Public Works - Riley County)

"Citizen's State Bank was fortunate to find David Seay of the Regulator Time Company to restore our Tower Clock."

-Leanna Stenglemeier- (Sr. Vice President of Citizen State Bank - Marysville)

"David did an excellent job with the installation, fast service and the clocks look great."

-Pat Bosco- (Kansas State University)

Here are several links to a few news articles printed in reference to our projects:



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At Regulator Time Company we provide antique tower clock repair and restoration. We service Court house clocks, church tower clocks, and more. We take pride in what we do and give the best service guaranteed!